Roof Heat Line Installation MN

Roof Heat Line Installation MN

Roof Heat Line Installation MN

Sometimes referred to as roof heat tape or roof heating cable, roof heat lines are often necessary to prevent ice dams from forming on roofs and in gutter systems. We specialize in roof heat line installation MN and have many years of experience installing them. In the world of ice dam prevention, roof heat line installation is not the first thing to consider. In the proper order it goes, insulation, ventilation, and if those two are perfect then maybe installing heat lines is the answer. Our method of roof heat line installation MN does not do damage to the roofing material as do some so called professional applications. Roof heat lines will, if installed correctly, prevent ice dams from forming and maintain a pathway for the melting snow water to drain. Roof heat lines run on electricity and can be setup with a thermostat which senses when the lines need to turn on and off, saving you money and the headache of keeping track of the temperatures. This system is very effective and eliminates any mistakes. One question we always get asked is can we install the heat lines in the gutters and downspouts, and the answer is yes we typicall always do this when gutters are present. The nice way to do this is to allow the user the ability to plug or unplug the heat line from the ground as needed. We thank you for considering us for your roof heat line installation MN!

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