MN Ice Dam Steaming Customer Reviews

Ice Dam Steaming MN
Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education

Besides just the great reviews below we are a proud member of the exclusive “Ice Dam Steaming Association For Education” IDSAFE which guarantees our customers that we use the correct low pressure steamers designed for ice dam removal.

What do our customers have to say about us?

“Sparkling clean is a very professional company to hire for ice dam steaming and roof snow removal. They did a fantastic job on my property which is very large with a steep roof. The pricing was fair and the service was excellent. I would highly recommend Sparkling Clean Window Washing for ice dam steaming.” – Jen A. Satisfied St. Cloud MN Ice Dam Removal Customer!

“We had tons of water coming into our home because of an unusually large ice dam, so we called around and found what we believed to be the most experienced ice dam removal company. After hiring Sparkling Clean we are glad we did and decided to leave this review for them because of the good work they did on our roof. Thank again Sparkling Clean.” –Megan K. Satisfied St. Paul MN Ice Dam Removal Customer!

“We have used Sparkling Clean Window Washing for the last three ice dam seasons and they have always done great work. Their equipment is nice looking and it is defiantly low pressure steam. Our home gets ice dams every year because of the unusual roof design so we must hire a company every time it snows a lot. They work very hard and carefully to make sure my property does not get damaged. I just wanted to leave this review finally after years of good service from Sparkling Clean.” –Julie S. Satisfied Minneapolis MN Ice Dam Removal Customer!

“The ice dams on our roof were huge and the snow was deep. We were unsure if any company could handle our job because of how big it was. We were very impressed with the amount of snow and ice that was removed. Their beautiful ice dam steaming machine made short work of our large ice dams. When they were finished the only sign of any ice dams were the large chunks of ice on the ground. We found there pricing to be right where it should be and the service was awesome. Sparkling Clean are experts at ice dam steaming! Thanks Guys.” –Paul T. Satisfied Brooklyn Park MN Ice Dam Removal Customer!

“The amount of ice that Sparkling Clean Window Washing steamed from my roof was unbelievable! These guys worked very hard in extremely cold conditions to save my home! The amount of water damage would have been much worse if they hadn’t steamed my ice dams so quickly. I am truly grateful!! Thanks again!!!” – Aaron D. Satisified St. Louis Park MN Ice Dam Removal Customer!

“Words cannot express our gratitude but we still want to try! My wife and I could not have been more pleased with the ice dam steaming service that Sparkling Clean Window Washing provided for our home in Coon Rapids.” – Paul W. Satisified Coon Rapids MN Ice Dam Removal Customer!

“We have a brand new roof on our house and we decided to do extensive research on equipment because we were aware that some companies use pressure washers. After a long conversation with Sparkling Clean we were convinced about their equipment and procedures. So we hired them for ice dam removal on our roof. Their equipment was truly low pressure steam and we were amazed at how quickly the steam cut through the ice dams. We had water coming in our house before we called and were desperately looking for a company that could quickly remove our ice dams. Sparkling Clean sent a crew out the very next morning. We are very satisfied and now have no more water coming in our home! Hard working crew! Thanks!” -Jerry L. Satisfied Minnetonka MN Ice Dam Removal Customer!

“This was a winter to remember! We have never had ice dams before until now. We saw Sparkling Clean working on a neighbor’s roof and decided to go speak with them. After learning about their procedures and there steam equipment we hired them on the spot. After completing our neighbor’s job they came to my house and worked into the dark with lights. The job was done correctly and we are happy with their willingness to please us the same day. We would highly recommend Sparkling Clean Window Washing for ice dam removal with steam without a doubt! Thank you again! Your crew was amazing!” –Jamie R. Satisfied Stillwater MN Ice Dam Removal Customer!

“When I called around to find a company removing ice dams with steam near Maplewood, I found a few companies, but these guys seemed the most trustworthy and they also had the fastest eta and the lowest hourly price. They arrived on time and ready to work hard. The ice was steamed faster than I expected and they were very careful on my new shingles. They did a great job cleaning up after as well. I would highly recommend Sparkling Clean Window Washing to anyone in need of ice dam steaming” –Beth A. Satisfied Maplewood MN Ice Dam Removal Customer!

“We called Sparkling Clean Window Washing because of a referral. We had water coming through the ceiling in our bathroom and our bedroom. We needed a company to come out quickly and we were pleased to learn they could get to us the following morning. The ice dam removal took 3.5 hours and we were expecting it to take longer. We were very happy with the service and the pricing. It was a very cold day and they worked diligently.” –Chris Z. Satisfied Minneapolis MN Ice Dam Removal Customer!

“The price was affordable and the work was done quicer than I expected. Just wanted to say thank you guys and I will be referring you to others for your ice dam removal services.” –Harry M. Satisfied Woodbury MN Ice Dam Removal Customer!

“After calling around for the better part of the day and leaving messages, no one returned our call except Sparkling Clean Window Washing. They stated that they were busy also but they managed to get to us the following morning when no one else could. We were very happy because we had water coming in our home. Our expectations were exceeded.” –Monica E. Satisfied St. Cloud MN Ice Dam Removal Customer!

“We came home after a two week vacation to find massive ice dams on our house. We panicked and chose the first company that could get to us the quickest. We were pleased with the speed of the ice dam removal process. We were expecting the service to take longer. All in all this was a very seamless service with great communication from start to finish. I highly recommend Sparkling Clean Window Washing for emergency ice dam removal services.” –Dianne & Richard S. Satisfied White Bear Lake MN Ice Dam Removal Customers!