MN Rust Stain Removal

We are MN rust stain removal experts! We remove hard water rust stains from siding, sidewalks, driveways, roofs, windows, doors and literally any other surface stained by this nasty MN mineral. Hard water rust stains are are extremely hard to remove from most surfaces without the right knowledge. Give us a call and let us safely handle your MN rust stain removal needs.

MN is know for hard rusty mineralized water. This hard water leaves rust stains behind on buildings and other property. Sprinkler systems and hose bibs are commonly the culprit. These usually rather large rust stains are not appealing and dramatically reduce the value of your property. Commonly these rust stains are found on siding, sidewalks and driveways. Other common rust stained areas are roofs. These roofs usually become rust stained because of low grade untreated steel flashing, pipes or nails.

Rust is a by product of iron so anything containing iron has the potential to leave rust stains. Many times people place objects on concrete that are iron and they forget about this fact until the next time the object is moved. Unfortunately many nice concrete slabs have been turned into eye sores because of rust. Let us amaze you with our MN rust stain removal process today! If we cant remove the rust stain you don’t pay a dime, guaranteed!

Iron deposit 101

During the glacial period the multiple southward moving glaciers swept right through the iron range up in Northern MN carrying with them the remains of iron ore. This iron ore was literally pulverized by the actions of the glaciers and deposited in the glacial gravels as far south as Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska. In some areas the glacial gravel left behind is miles thick! This iron rich material then basically leached into our water tables from which we use. The farther up north you go in MN the more you notice the red soil and the red rivers. This iron rich area is known for producing the worst rust stains imaginable! The drinking water is very strongly tainted with a metal irony taste. Most properties are equip with water softeners connected to all the inside water pipes. However it would become expensive to connect exterior water lines to these softeners for such tasks as watering the yard through irrigation systems, etc.  Therfore many homes have rust stains on items that come in contact with the water. In many cases the value of the home and property has been greatly reduced. But the good news is we can restore most surfaces to new by removing the iron rich stains.